5 Reel Slots

Slots are without doubt some of the most popular casino games that are available, and this goes for both online casinos and the traditional land-based casinos. It is almost inconceivable to imagine a casino without slot machines, and the fact is that there should hardly be described as a if such machines are not present.

Often connects to slots with the classic variant that has been available on the Las Vegas Strip for a long time. Classic Slots have only three reels and one pay line in the middle that extends from left to right. In these classic slot machines as often symbols such as cherries, 7 figures and BAR symbols.

Below here are some of the most popular slot machines we have available for free play. Click any of the thumbnails to open the demo version of the game - no download is necessary as you play directly in your browser. You have just as much chance of winning the demo versions of slot machines when playing for real money.

Just like anything else in the world developed also slot machines. The classic slot machines got more pay lines and one introduced several symbols, such as wild symbols that could act as wild cards. Other slots got jackpots that could either be predetermined or progressive.

When we took the step into the computer age evolved slot machines further and became what we now call video slots. This game variant could be played with both buttons as touch screen. As the video gaming machines were introduced did many of the machines more wheels, in fact as many as up to 5 pieces.

When the Internet became widely available in homes, it was only a matter of time before online casinos could open doors. In the same breath that this happened was also introduced slot machines online. Slots on the web was first developed in Java and many may remember the rather ugly and gray squares that were exposed before the game was loaded. Java technology was limited when it came to graphics, and it was only when Flash technology was developed that slots online broke through with great fanfare.