Magic Lines

Today, one can log into Magic lines online casinos from their couch and playing a huge selection of casino games or poker. Gambling at online casinos have taken place since the mid-90s, and most of these companies are subject to the same licensing requirements and regulations as the real casinos. The emergence of these online casinos have even led to the Norwegians can play online casino - legally.

A casino bonus is an important element for both the casino and for you as a customer. It is important for the casino in the sense that it will draw customers back to spend money there, and it is important for customers who are looking to get as good a start as possible on their relationship in the new casino.

Interdependence and competition, as well as conscious casino customers create rift between casinos to lure customers into their particular casino. Some serve it - namely, you! In this article we take a closer look at casino bonuses and try to give you a straightforward insight into what this is about. Sometimes you also get no deposit bonuses, or simply free money at casinos. Here you get ie money from the casino without the requirement that they deposit money / depositing. As a rule, sums one gets quite modest, but it is free money anyway. These bonuses are sometimes associated with the welcome bonus as a sort of extra bonus or during the customer relationship as a kind of incentive for you to play.

As I said, the casino bonus is very important for the casino as a draw for acquiring new customers, and with a simple rule of thumb one can say the following: the bigger the bonus the more player traffic. For first obtaining us a clear overview so it can be nice to know that casinos operate with several types of bonuses. Mainly concerns you about the welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, reloads bonuses and offices bonuses, and we look at them.

The welcome bonus is the most popular bonus and usually the bonus that confront us until we come to a new casino. These are bonuses that apply to the first deposit of money one makes in his new betting account. Welcome Bonuses usually come as match bonuses or bonuses percent, depending on the casino you are going.