Bouncy Balls

Bingo has been played for centuries and the term "bingo" is originally from Italy. Often it is played at charity events where the income of a non-profit organization or a club comes to Good. Since the beginning of the 21st Century can also play bingo online, which brings with it many advantages: You may at any time and also to very small stakes bingo play and does not even have to leave the house.

Bingo is a game that promises a lot of fun and excitement. The rules are easily explained. A bingo player buys one or more playing cards. A range of numbers is displayed (eg 25 in the 75 Ball Bingo) on a map. Now a ball (also called ball or number) drawn after the other and, if the number on the ball known. If this number is mapped to its own bill, then this marked one / cover them.

Once you have attained the winning combination - usually a horizontal line - calls to and receive the appropriate price "Bingo!". In order to play bingo, you have to purchase a game card. On the playing cards a bingo variant many numbers are always the same mapped, but in a different order and with different numbers. A single playing card costs, depending on the value of the prizes between a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

Advanced bingo players prefer to play with more than a playing card. Thus, they increase their chances of winning and have more action in the game. The two most popular and played bingo variants are 75 ball and 90 ball bingo. Accordingly, there are either 75 or 90 numbers / balls can be pulled. A round of 75 Ball Bingo takes a little less time because fewer numbers to choose from and so quickly be someone Bingo has completed.

Usually you win in bingo when you have completed the first horizontal row. There are also variants of this rule. Depending on the provider you can also win a prize if you have completed the first two rows. And then there's the Full House, also called blackout or Full Card: This combination has one, if you have covered all the numbers on his card game. Online casinos often offer progressive jackpots for the person who manages within 50 balls or balls cover all fields.