Live Poker

Once you have registered for the poker tournament and the buy was paid in, the players are the seats at the table allocated. The game starts after the so-called 'dealer' was determined (indicated by a marked 'D' button). To determine the dealer once at the beginning of the game is a dealer drawn (usually a game card is dealt to each player, then the highest card takes over in the first round of betting, the dealer position). Thus, the initial position of the small blind and the big blind results (left of the dealer is the small blind, the left of the small blind is the big blind).

There is a kind of basic bet that everyone in the course of bidding, according to a clockwise rotating system, one has to pay. In each round, a player at the table pays the big blind (BB) and the small blind (SB). The BB is twice as large as the SB and is therefore the same as the 'little use' in a limit game. The BB and SB is paid before the players can view their hole cards.

The other players can now place a bid (which must be at least as high as the big blind to be paid by basic use) either call (call), raise (raise) or put the cards away (fold). If no raise, the player in the SB position must pay the difference to the BB to stay in the game.

The maps for the first round are dealt, each player receives two cards, known as hole cards, the only are visible to him. The player left of the big blind sits, opened the bidding. The blinds and the dealer button rotates clockwise at each round. The person left of the dealer posts the small blind (usually half the amount that has put the big blind), and the person to the left of the small blind pays the big blind.

The prize consists of the buy-in of all players participating in the poker tournament, the sum is then according to the distribution key in the top 3 Divided places. Usually the first player gets 60%, the second - 30%, and the third - 10% of the prize money. In the first round of betting, the player must first offer to the left of the big blind, the big blind is the last to be bid on. In all subsequent rounds of the small blind must submit their bid as the first and the dealer as a last resort.