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Sometimes you also get no deposit bonuses, or simply free money at casinos. Here you get ie money from the casino without the requirement that they deposit money / depositing. As a rule, sums one gets quite modest, but it is free money anyway. These bonuses are sometimes associated with the welcome bonus as a sort of extra bonus or during the customer relationship as a kind of incentive for you to play.

When you have been a customer of a casino can often appear good bonus offers during the customer relationship. These bonuses are called reload and may well come as an extension of your welcome bonus and give you a bonus on both the second and third deposit you make.

Reload is not necessarily linked to the welcome bonus and many casinos use denoted as existing customers get new offers. What distinguishes reload from the welcome bonus is that it is usually somewhat less, since customers who first found himself a casino not leave it just as easily. It is not uncommon for a reload bonus is 50-75% of a deposit.

Although reload is intended to keep the customers does not stop the casinos there. Loyalty Club or VIP programs are also a common sight in many casinos, and here is the idea that one should be rewarded according to how much money you spend.

This is sort of a bonus for those customers who are really big spenders in the casino, and this activity they will be rewarded for. How customers are rewarded differs from casino to casino, but special deposit bonuses and collect points that can be withdrawn as cash are common arrangements. Although all these bonus opportunities sound very good so is it that casinos like other stores, shops and companies must make money. When you get a welcome bonus of several hundred euros so do not give casino players the opportunity to sign-up, deposit money, get the bonus and then take it out in real money. Had there been such casino industry would not lasted long, for how should essentially a casino make money? Yes, they make money on the players lose.