Super Joker

You can play the popular slot machine Super Joker as long as you like for free! You do not need to register to play! If you want to play with real money, you can register at 7Red Casino or Norway Play Casino by pressing the banners above. In both casinos get € 7 completely free to play. All you have to do to receive free money is to sign up, then comes the € 7 automatically to your betting account! You can of course withdraw any winnings directly to your Norwegian bank account. Both casinos also gives you a 100% bonus up to € 100 on your first deposit.

By using free chips at both casinos, you get an excellent opportunity to play Super Joker with real money without fission! Super Joker was a very popular game in Norway in the past. Unfortunately it disappeared when the ban on land-based slot machines were approved by the government. Now you can happily play an online version of Super Joker in both 7Red and Norway Play casino. The online version of Super Joker has larger payout percentage than the old version.

Previously, you only around 80% payback, but now the online version of Super Joker a payout percentage of over 95%! It means that you are playing a much greater probability of winning than before. Super Joker slot probably needs no introduction for experienced machine players, but here is an introduction to how to play it to any new players.

Super Joker is a miniature of the old school. It has no fanny free spins rounds or animated graphics, yet it is very enjoyable to play. It can be compared to the old Nintendo and Commodore 64 games. The games on these classic machines were simple in design, but very entertaining. Super Joker has three wheels with a top prize of 2,000 coins. One can achieve top prize in two different ways. Either by hitting three chests in normal mode, or by hitting the jokers in the super meter mode.

Jokers pays out any winnings from 100 to 2000 coins. Super Meter mode is a story in itself and may seem a bit complicated at first glance. In super meter mode costs more spins, but the rewards are also greater. Max bet is 200 coins. When one bet wins 200 coins to between 100-2000 coins when a joker hit any one of the wheels.